Hammock Rainbow XL Short #1 Macrame The Original


Weight3.000000 kg
Carry Capacity

250 kg

length of lying surface

200 cm


100% cotton

minimum hanging distance

300 cm

Minimum hanging height

160 cm

Total length

340 cm


185 cm


Short XL




5 years

4 in stock (can be backordered)

Load capacity 300kg

Lie flat, long 200cm, wide 185cm

Length hammock 320cm

Cords at ends 64 each side (32 double cords)

100% cotton

Warranty 5 years with proper use


Short hammock with a width of the XL size. The Rainbow hammock is very comfortable due to its width of 185 cm. The hammock is extra short so that it can be hung at a small hanging distance. The hammock is finished with macramé and has 60 cords at the end for optimal spread and good weight distribution. The Rainbow XL shorts can be loaded up to 300 kg. The minimum hanging distance is 300 cm at a height of 170 cm. If you have a small, spacious room but still want to be able to lounge comfortably in a hammock, the shorts are the ideal hammock. Also available in Large and XL size.


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