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Mosquito nets in all sizes designs and colors

Mosquito nets are a very efficient product to keep mosquito’s and other insect at a distance. A mosquito net can also function as a decorative element in the bed room too. Mosquito nets are made of a fine woven mesh fabric that makes it impossible for mosquito’s and insects to get through. ‘Marañon’ offer may different models made of natural or synthetic materials. Cotton mosquito nets are the best option if you do not want to create a electrostatic field in the bed room, and unpleasant side effect that can be the case by using synthetic mosquito nets. You can order your mosquito net online on our web shop or visit one of our retail outlets.

Design of the mosquito net

At ‘Maranon’ we offer a selection of round and square mosquito nets. Square mosquito nets will fit perfectly around the bed, while a round mosquito bed might partly lye over the corners of the bed as the round top is normally smaller then the bed size. We offer a selection of different sized mosquito nets. The square, also called box mosquito net comes in the sizes single, double, queen and king while out round mosquito nets are available in the sizes single and double. We also offer cotton mosquito nets suitable for use over baby beds and cots.

How to suspend a mosquito net.

Mosquito nets can be suspended in different ways, like on a poster bed or by use of rings or hooks mounted to the ceiling. The advantage of a round mosquito net is that it can be suspended from only one point. A square or box mosquito net will need at least four suspension points. It is also possible to suspend to ropes between two walls. You will then be able to suspend a square mosquito net from it. If you do not have a poster bed or any way to suspend you mosquito net by hooks from the walls or ceiling, we advise out ‘Dbug’ mosquito net. The ‘Dbug’ comes with its own frame and can be setup around a single or double bed. Our ‘Dbug’ mosquito nets are also ideal to take on a holiday as it is easily foldable and can be setup anywhere you.