The Original Hammock and Hanging Chair store since 1981.

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For over 30 years we have specialized in hammocks, hanging chairs, stands and mosquito nets. Besides our own manufactured hammock and hanging chair Collection, we also supply and produce various hammock stands, hanging chair supports and accessories. You are very welcome to test our hammocks and hanging chairs in our store. No worries if you cannot make it to our hammocks shop on Bonaire (our shop in The Netherlands will open again during the summer). The entire Hammock Collection can also be viewed and ordered through our online webshop. The hammocks and hanging chairs can can be suspended with use of our hammock/hanging chair suspension sets or by using a hammock or hanging chair stand. We stock stands made of bamboo, wood and metal. All stands can be tried in our showroom on Bonaire. If you are on the look for garden furniture our hammocks and hanging chairs are a great option. Our hammocks will bring extra comfort and color to any garden, patio and terrace. 'Marañon' sells the original South and Central American hammocks and not the copied versions from China. Beware that Hammocks with spreading poles on both sides of the hammock have the tendency to tilt. Therefore we recommend you to use our stronger South American type hammock which allows you to lay across much more comfortable and remain stable. We carry various hammock sizes from baby and kids hammocks or single hammocks to giant double hammocks with or without stand. There is even a hammock set for the whole family.

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We also stock a large collection of mosquito nets since 1985. The mosquito nets can be ordered online or bought and seen in our shop on Bonaire. We provide mosquito nets in many sizes, colors and material options. All our nets are very spacious and provide optimal protection against mosquito's and other insects and our high quality cotton mosquito nets have the added benefit that they do not create a static field.

The Best Original South American Hammocks

'Marañon' produces South and Central American hammocks and hanging chairs since the early nineteen eighties. Hammocks originate from South America and we stock a large collection of hammocks and hanging chairs from Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. All our products are made with care and conform to the best quality standards. Because of this high quality we give a 3 year warranty on all our hammock from our Premium collection. 


Top 10 Cotton Hammocks from Brazil

Our Brazilian hammocks are machine woven from Brazil's best quality cotton. The hammock are mostly finished with hand-woven macrame. A technique typical to the north east regions of Brazil. Macrame increases the distribution of body weight and therefore improves comfort and carry capacity. . For over 30 year we produce the best quality Brazilian hammocks. On hammocks we produce ourselves we give a 3 year warranty against breakage.

Top 10 hammocks from Mexico

The Mexican hammocks are all hand-woven according to many centuries old artisanal techniques. They are produced in the Yucatan region of Mexico, an area that produces the best quality hammocks within Mexico. They are also called Mayan or Yucatan hammocks. Due to to their open woven net structure these hammocks are very comfortable during hot days as they do not hold any body heat. The lying surface is made of cotton and the tension ropes are made of nylon. The best way to lye in a Mexican hammock is fully diagonally. This way the body is fully supported. Due to the many tension ropes these hammocks are extremely comfortable. We produce our Mexican hammocks from 2 different yarn thicknesses, our normal Mexican cotton hammocks and the 'Especial' made of an extra thick cotton yarn for extra durability. Our Mexican hammocks are produces in 3 different sizes (Single, Matrimonial and Familial). For tall people we advise to buy at least the Matrimonial version as this will make it possible to lye in the hammock crosswise for optimal comfort. Due to its fine net structure the hammocks are more fragile then closed woven hammocks, They are therefore less suitable for use by children.

Exclusive double hammocks from Colombia

You will find the best quality hand-woven Colombian hammocks at our shop. Our 'Momposina' hammock comes in 2 different designs, one with bright colors and one dyed with natural dyes. Our hand-made hammocks from Colombia are all made in the size XL and suitable for use by 2 people.  The natural dyed version is dyed by boiling the cotton yarn together with roots. nuts, fruits and flowers collected in the rainforest of Colombia.
Our 'Wayuu' hammocks are the most exclusive hammocks available. They are made by the 'Wayuu' Indians who live in the deserts of Colombia. These hammocks are hand woven with the use of extremely difficult patterns. The production time of some of the most complex hammocks can take up to 4 months. Colombian handwoven hammocks from 'Marañon' are all unique, there are never two the same.

Strong hanging chairs in different colors and designs

'Marañon' always stocks a large collection of hanging chair in different colors and designs. Besides the Traditional hammock chairs we also stock a range of exclusive long chairs. We are the perfect place to buy a hanging chair as we not only sell, but also produce many chairs in our collection. All out swing chairs are produced according to European XL sizes. We do this as European people are on average much taller then South-Americans.  Alongside our normal hanging chairs we supply longchairs like the 'Rockers Lounger'. These chairs make it possible to fully stretch out in, are made of brushed cotton and have 10 sewed in cushions. There is also a model available made of  'Denim'. All the these chairs are exclusive to the 'Marañon' collection.

Hanging chair NewLine made in Brazil !

The hanging chair 'NewLine' is made of Brazil's finest cotton,has been woven extra thick and has a maximum carry capacity of up to 140 kg. The chairs are supplied with 2 cushions (60cm x60cm) and a bamboo spreader. The cushions give a more upright sit to the chair and helps to holds you body heat during the winter. Of course the chairs can also be used without cushions. To spread the chair we use a bamboo spreader. Bamboo is extremely strong and more Eco-friendly then hardwood.  The 'Newline' chairs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be suspended from one single point. Hanging chairs can be easily suspended from ceilings and tree branches. In our accessories category you will find different products to suspend your hanging chairs. It is also possible to suspend the chairs in one of our hanging chair stands.


The 'LazyRezt' hanging chair is a high quality cotton chair made in El Salvador. This hanging chair is available in many colorful designs and is supplied with two matching cushion covers of 24inch x 24inch (60cm x60xm).The 'LazyRezt' chair fits perfectly in our hanging chair stands, but can also be suspended from one hanging point with use of the supplied bamboo spreader bar and top cords. A great chair that makes a great addition to any home.

Mosquito net collectie from 'Marañon' the mosquitonet specialist

Since 1985 we also stock a large collection of mosquito nets besides our hammocks and hanging chairs. Mosquito nets originate from Asia and we import some of the best quality nets available.We provide a large collection of cotton and syntetic mosquito nets to choose from and  that are available in different sizes and designs. There is the option to order mosquito nets that only need one hook from the ceiling or large rectagular nets that need 4 suspension points. We also stock the 'Dbug' a msoquito net that has its own frame where poles are placed at the headrest of the bed. For every size bed there is a suiatble sized mosquito net available, from single to super king sized.

Hammock stands for single use or use by 2 people

Are you looking for a large hammock stand for use by two or a smaller one for use by a single person? We offer different sized hammock stands like the 'Arc'' stand made of wood and suitable for use with Large and XL sized hammocks or the 'Universal De Luxe' made for use by one person. The 'Universal' is also available as a double sized version. The hammock stands are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and make a great addition to the garden furniture. It is possible to order a hammock with stand making it possible to position the hammock anywhere in the garden.

A hanging chair with stand is a great addition to your garden furniture

Hanging chair stands from 'Marañon' are well finished and are available in bamboo and wood. The 'Arc' hanging chair stand is made out of European larch wood. A very durable and weather resistant stand that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The 'bamboo' stand is very durable, strong and flexible. Our stands can be used in combination with all our hanging chairs. Often people choose an hanging chair with stand over a bean bag as it is also great to rock in.

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