Authentic Tobacco Hammock XL Ikat Handwoven


Weight5 kg

100% cotton

Total length

400 cm


185 cm

Carry Capacity

200 kg

length of lying surface

240 cm


Natural Dye, Nature colors

minimum hanging distance

380 cm



Minimum hanging height

170 cm


3 years

Available on backorder

Wide 185cm Length of lying surface 260cm Total length 400cm

Load capacity 250kg Warranty 5 years with proper use

100% cotton


This special hammock is woven in the Ikar technique, where the threads are manually dyed in different colors. In this case, the threads are boiled in decoctions of natural materials such as leaves, fruits, roots or bark of trees. This is a very intensive process and few weavers have the skills to weave these hammocks. In this case it is a wide hammock that can also be hung outside. The material is cotton, so don’t leave it wet for too long to prevent mould.


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