Travel Hammock XXL Blue/ Green


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Travel parachute silk hammock in Blue and Green. Perfect hammock for a holiday or excursion. This parachute hammock comes in an extra large size for extra comfortability. The ‘Maranon’ travel hammock are made of high quality parachute silk and not of the cheaper nylon that is sold on some other websites. Comes with a sewed on pouch for each storage.


Parachute silk travel hammock in XL size. Perfect hammock to take on your holiday or any other excursion. The hammock weight lies around 1.3 lb (600g) and easily fits in a back pack or shoulder bag. Parachute silk is a breathable, ultra light and fast drying material. These hammocks take a maximum carry capacity of up to 440 lbs (200 kg) and have a total length of 9’2” (280 cm) and a width of 6’7” (200 cm). These hammocks are perfectly suitable as a double hammock. Metal hooks at the ends for easy suspension.


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