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Mosquito net D-Bug

Mosquito net with its own frame. No need of drilling holes. The 'Dbug' can fit around beds up to 87'' (220cm) wide and is adjustable in size. Also perfect to take on a holiday as it can be placed anywhere and is easy to fold up again.
Mosquito net 'Dbug' can be used without having to drill any holes in the ceiling. It comes with its own frame which makes it possible to put the mosquito net up where ever you want. The 'Dbug' its size can be adjusted and is suitable for use with beds up to 87'' (220cm) wide. The maximum height at headboard end is 70'' (180 cm). The mosquito net is also easy foldable and this makes it very suitable to take on a holiday.
More Information
SizeSingle - Large
Country of ManufactureChina
Warranty2 years
Minimal hanging heightN/A
Total lengthN/A
Carry capacityN/A
Length ClothN/A
Minimal hanging distanceN/A
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