Mosquitonet cotton castle for single or double bed.


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Cotton mosquito net with a cloth length of 41′(12.5 meters) and total height of 8’3” (250 cm). Perfect for use with single and double beds. Come with supplied rope to extend the height if needed and a hook for suspension from the ceiling. This mosquitonet is washable in the washing machine on a cold cycle.


A mosquito net made of high quality and tick woven cotton. Suitable for beds with a maximum width of 63” (160 cm) therefore great for use with single and double beds. The top end has a diameter of 50 cm x 50 cm. The height of the net is 8’3” (250 cm). This makes it easy to suspend it from a normal height ceiling with use of only one suspension point. When the ceiling is higher the height distance can be easily bridged with the use of the included rope. The large diameter of the cloth (41′) makes the net fit nicely around the bed. The area to get in and out of the mosquito net is overlapping generously to prevent mosquitoes being able to get into it. Cotton mosquitonets do not produce a electrostatic field as some synthetic nets can do, thus making it must more pleasant to sleep under.


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