Mosquito net Space Cotton Single


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Mosquito net made of real cotton mesh. This fabric has been specially produced for us and provides an excellent air circulation within the net. Because of this the air will not become hotter then the rest of the room. Cotton also does not produce a static electric field like synthetic mesh does. This helps improve the quality of sleep.
The dimensions of this mosquito net are 43” (110cm) wide, 83” (210cm) long with a height of 86” (220cm).


Rectangular mosquito net suitable for use with a single sized bed. Our ‘Space Cotton’ mosquito nets are made of 100 cotton mesh and have 4 generously overlapping openings at each side. This makes this mosquito net perfectly usable to turn your bed into a canopy bed. We use specially developed cotton mosquito netting for all our cotton mosquito nets. This mesh fabric is specially developed for us and is only available at from ‘Maranon’. A cotton mosquito net does not create a static field and is therefor much more comfortable to sleep under the a synthetic mosquito net. The long cotton borders inside and on the outside of the net makes it possible to suspend it beautifully. Because this are cotton borders a simple knot will suffice. Our unique design makes it possible to use the net in other places then over the bed. Also perfect for use in the garden, balconies, lounge and play areas.

  • Size: LxWxH / 83” x 43” x 86” (210x110x220 cm)
  • Cotton cords at top of the net to suspend it from hooks on the ceiling, rings on a cord (so it can be pulled to one side and for suspension from a canopy bed.
  • 4 entrances with an overlapping mesh of 30 inch (75cm) to prevent insects to enter
  • extra long internal and external cotton cords to create an open space during the day.
  • Mosquito net finished with 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide cotton borders
  • Can be washed on a cold gentle cycle in the washing machine or can be brought or can be dry cleaned
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