Hanging chair Lounger ecru with 2 layers of cotton and 2 cushions COMPLETE SET


Load capacity 140kg of bamboo spreader.

Load capacity on stand depending on type of stand.

Wide 140cm Long 210cm

100% cotton Guarantee 5 years with proper use

10 in stock (can be backordered)


Great hanging chair Lounger, which almost all our customers who come to our showroom succumb to, shown here in 100% unbleached cotton. All our Loungers are made of 2 layers of fabric, which distinguishes them from all other hanging chairs on the market.

This Lounger hanging chair adapts completely to your body position, because it is made of a strong, flexible fabric and is not comparable to a standard lounge chair, which is static and in which you have to find your own ideal position. With the lounger it is the other way around. It adapts itself to the body position. One must be careful not to fall asleep unnoticed. That can be nice, but not good if, for example, you have to babysit something. At a store, for example, or at the grandchildren.

On the inside of the hanging chair are 2 pockets for mobile phone, glasses, remote control, etc. These Loungers also fit perfectly in one of our hanging chair stands. Then the load capacity in the Arc Bambon is 200kg. In our Arc Larch standard 160kg. In the Panda 120kg.


Additional information

Weight7.000000 kg
Carry Capacity

160 kg

Length Cloth

210 cm


100% cotton

Minimale ophangafstand


Minimale ophanghoogte

215 cm

Totale lengte



130 cm




5 years


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