Leather hammock Llanos Gauchos nr.1


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Fantastic leather hammock, made in the most original and unique way. This hammock can become twice it’s original width due to making straight cuts in the tanned leather.
The hammock is a very natural product and the smell of leather is clearly present. This hammock would fit perfectly in a modern interior or in a natural habitat within a home. As the nubuck side of the hammock is on the inside, usage outside in rainy conditions is not recommended because then the leather would absorb too much moisture. Together with the cotton hammock Cobweb from Wayuu, this hammock belongs to the most rare sort.


These are very rare hammocks. Originally the design was very simple, made by herders in the plains called Llanos, between Colombia and Venezuela. This is where cattle roamed free. The skin was tanned and the surface of the skin was enlarged by applying straight cuts to the skin. The finish was originally very rough and simple but now we are working with an ‘old Gaucho’ who makes the hammocks nowadays very refined and clean finished. For this reason is the amount of production very limited, in fact we receive yearly only 5 pieces. The hammocks have the original hair on one side and the leather is nubuck on the other side. The spread is great, it is very spacious and is a perfect fit for 2 people.


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