Authentic Momposina Hammock XL Natural Dyed Handwoven #.3.


Weight4.000000 kg

Family – XL



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Wide 185cm Length of lying surface 260cm Total length 400cm

Load capacity 250kg Warranty 3 years with proper use

100% cotton


Exclusive handwoven Colombian hammock Momposina
Our pride is the hand-woven hammocks from the Momposina Series. We have been producing these completely unique hammocks in Colombia since 1992 and are made by our own group of weavers. Within this series, the hammocks painted with natural materials are the absolute pinnacle of weaving and dyeing techniques. Our weavers look for the materials for the dye baths themselves and these consist of plants, roots, leaves or fruits. These are then cooked together with the yarns and that leads to colors such as golden brown, beige, light blue, yellow, lilac, pink, etc. The hammocks are woven and the geometric figures are embroidered with the resulting selection of colored yarns.
The fringes on the sides of the hammocks are made of the threads that are woven across the length of the threads (the WARP) (the WEFT)). They therefore form one whole with the hammock. The hammocks woven with natural paint can also be used outside in the bright sun. The yarns are colourfast and hardly change under the influence of sunlight. If the hammock gets wet, dry it thoroughly and do not leave it outside in the rain to prevent mold formation. We also make a baby hammock from these special yarns, the Guanababy, which can be washed at a high temperature DIRECTLY FROM COLOMBIA. DELIVERY TIME 60 DAYS BECAUSE OUR WEAVERS ONLY WORK ON ORDER.


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