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Hammock XL - Two person Tiburon Laguna

Beautiful hammock in an XL version, making it suitable for 1 or 2 people or a small family. With its load capacity of 300 kg and width of 185 cm, that is no problem at all. Like all our top hammocks, we also make this hammock with a macrame finish and with that we also give the women in Ceara, Brazil, that extra income that they so desperately need. These women deserve to be kept in work and we have supported them for 30 years. We have never switched to a simpler finish to save. We think the product they supply is so unique and we give them the honor and the extra income with all our heart.
Hammock from our macramé collection made in Brazil from high-quality cotton, so from long cotton fibers, which yield a strong yarn, so a strong hammock. The strong, perfectly made macramé finish between the suspension wires and the lying surface ensures a better spread, so more comfort for our hammocks. Our XL hammocks are suitable for both one and 2 people and the 64 strong cotton cords at each end have no problem with that. 5 year warranty with proper use
More Information
SizeFamily - XL
Country of ManufactureBrazil
Warranty5 years
Minimal hanging height170 cm
Total length420 cm
Material100 % Cotton
Carry capacity300 kg
Length Cloth240 cm
Width185 cm
Minimal hanging distance400 cm
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