Hanging Chair Rocker Lounger XXL ecru/brown with Bamboo hanging chair stand


Weight25.000000 kg
Carry Capacity
length of lying surface
minimum hanging distance
Minimum hanging height
Total length

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World’s most comfortable chair now in combination with the ‘Panda’ hanging chair stand at a great discount. A high quality and luxurious set that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The ‘Rocker;’ Lounger is made of brushed cotton and has 10 sowed in cushions. The ‘Panda’ hanging chair is made of eco friendly bamboo and comes with galvanized and powder coated connection parts.


High quality hanging chair with stand set. The ‘Rocker’ Lounger is probably one of the most comfortable chairs on the market. Its hand brushed cotton, 10 sewed in cushions and leg extension makes this chair perfect to relax in.

Hanging chair stand ‘Panda’ is an original stand by ‘Maranon’. This stand is of a very high quality finish and therefore very durable. Made of compressed bamboo and galvanized and powder coated metal connection parts. The bolts are stainless steel. This stand can be left outside, but is due to its size also great for indoor use.


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