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Hammock Chair Lounger Black with Wooden 'Arc' Stand.

Charcoal grey hanging chair 'Lounger' in combination with a wooden stand. The lounge seats are comfy and built using two layers of poly-cotton (60% polyester and 40% cotton). This is what makes these loungers unique. Most hanging chairs available are build out of just one layer of material. This set comes with 2 cushions and can be used for both inside and outside. There are 2 compartments in each chair which enables you to store a mobile phone or remote control. The footrests can be easily stored underneath to enable also a sitting position.
This Anthracite (charcoal grey) hanging lounger is very comfortable and made from double layers Poly-cotton. The Arc stand is made from European Larch wood and has a carry capacity of up to 160kg in weight. The two compartments fixed into the chairs can be used for storage of a mobile phone, remote control or even your glasses! It is suitable for indoors and outdoors and is the perfect solution if you have little space at home. It is very compact yet you can lie in it! Also available in brown, light grey, black or unbleached cotton.
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