Hanging chair for kids Guatemala


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Very popular hanging chair for kids. Comes with and 24” (60 cm) wooden spreader. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Can be suspended from a tree branch, loft bed, swing frame or ceiling. Perfect for kids up to 6 years old. Older children will be more comfortable in a full sized hanging chair.


Hanging chair suitable for children up to 6 years of age. This hanging chair is suitable for indoor and out door use and can be suspended from a loft bed, tree branch, ceiling or swing frame. Comes with a 24” (60 cm) wide wooden spreader. Perfect hammock chair for in the child’s bedroom. These chair are made in El Salvador of a high grade cotton. Also available in a full sized version for adults. Suspension accessories can be added to the order. Minimum Hanging height 51” (130 cm).


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