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The ‘Wayuu’ Indians live on the plains stretching from the Sierra Nevada mountains in Colombia into Venezuela. La Guaira is characterized by the extremely hot day-time temperatures and freezing cold desert nights. In this desert the most incredible and comfortable hammocks are made.


The most exclusive hammocks in the world are made by the ‘Wayuu’ Indians from Colombia. These desert Indians make the most beautiful hand-made hammocks. These hammocks take several months to produce. Very complex weaving techniques are used and passed down from generation to generation. ‘Marañon’ has been selling for over 30 years the products made by the Wayuu Indians. The Wayuu hammocks from the ‘Marañon’ collection are the best quality available as we always paid fair prices to acquire these rare products.

The color combination and patterns of all these hammocks are unique. You will never find two identical. The ‘Wayuu’ hammocks are extremely large as they are made to keep whole families warm during cold nights in the desert. Its thick fringes can function as blankets. These hammock weigh approximately 6kg (1 stone).


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