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Dunes Family Hammock XL Desert

The Dunes Family hammock is extra large and therefore also extra comfortable. Great for use by extra tall people and very spacious as a hammock for two persons. The ' Dunes' hammocks have macrame between cloth and ropes to increase weight distribution for optimal comfort. Part of our Premium collection this hammock has a 3 year warranty against breakage.
The Dunes hammock XL Desert is extra large therefore extra comfortable en very suitable for extra tall people and use by two. The 'Marañon' hammocks are made of the best quality cotton. Special is the beautiful macramé finish, only available on a 'Marañon' hammock. The hammock Dunes XL Desert is inspired by the colors of the dunes of north - east Brazil. The width of the hammock is 6'1'' (185 cm) and total length 13'5'' (410 cm). This makes the hammock very suitable for use by extra tall people and use by 2 persons. We give on our 'Marañon' premium hammocks a 3 year warranty against breakage.
  • Width: 6'1'' (185cm)
  • Length lying surface: 7'1'' (240cm)
  • Minimum hanging height: 5'5'' (165cm)
  • Minimum hanging distance: 13'5'' (410cm)
  • Maximum capacity: 660 lbs (300kg)
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Tension ropes: 60
  • Warranty: 3 years against breakage
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