Mexico Hammock Especial Watermelon


Two-person hammock from Mexico. We started using this thicker thread, when it turned out that the standard mexico hammocks were not satisfactory in our hammock store in the Amsterdam flower market. Due to ignorance, many persons,who lay down in these ordinary mexico hammocks, pulled the threads, which get caught on buttons or jewelry. If one knows, that one should then be a little more careful and step into the Mexico hammock nice and airy dressed, it is not a problem. Mexico hammocks are therefore real summer hammocks

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Beautiful sturdy two-person mexico hammock. Also suitable for one larger person. The thicker thread we use here does not detract from the true mexico hammock feel. but is much stronger than the standard wire used for mexico hammocks. Also gives a more robust feel than the standard Mexico hammock.

Additional information

Weight3.000000 kg
Carry Capacity

300 kg

Length Cloth

220 cm


100% cotton

Minimale ophangafstand

380 cm

Minimale ophanghoogte

170 cm

Totale lengte

420 cm


210 cm


Family – XL




3 years


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