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Mexico Hammock Habanera Especial

Warm colored Mexico hammock from the Especial Series, which by using a thicker thread than with the standard Mexico hammocks, feels very solid and is much more resistant to breakage. We especially recommend these hammocks to people, who know how to use a Mexico hammock. If you want to step into the hammock, you have to take enough fabric in one hand, which one rolls behind him, otherwise one takes only a small part of the hammock and falls backwards. With the other hand, the hammock is pressed behind the knee. This way the hammock spreads nicely and one can sit quietly in it and then lie down. Don't walk with the whole hammock back. If one then sits in it, the hammock starts swinging. So spread out behind him and then sit down and lie down,
Strong and comfortable large Mexico hammock from the Especial Series, made of twice as thicker thread as that used with the standard Mexico hammocks. This ensures a very good support of the body and the Especial is large enough for a taller person, so that it can also easily lie diagonally in it.
More Information
SizeFamily - XL
Country of ManufactureMexico
Warranty3 years
Minimal hanging height170 cm
Total length420 cm
Material100 % Cotton
Carry capacity300 kg
Length Cloth260 cm
Width110 cm
Minimal hanging distance380 cm
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