Ideas and tips for good use of your hammock

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  • If the hammock has gotten wet, let it dry.
  • If the hammock hangs outside and gets wet often, wash it at 30 degrees after summer or take it to the dry cleaner.
  • Never store the hammock wet.
  • Do not overload the hammock.
  • If the hammock is always hung dry, washing is only necessary when it is dirty.
  • Do not store the hammock unprotected in the shed, as mice like to nest in the folded hammock.
  • Always hang the hammock in a nice bow. NEVER TOO TIGHT.

In this busy world, you prefer to be able to escape at the right time. Adapt your (work) environment by being able to dream away in a hammock at such times.
Hang a hammock as many in different cultures have done for centuries.

The following photos will give you an idea of what the ideal relaxation options are.

Hang it high
Getting the most out of a small space. Instead of one hammock, three hanging chairs can be used on this balcony.

Relaxing in the garden
Thanks to the strong tree in the middle of the garden, several hammocks can be used.

Hang your hammock or hanging chair yourself or have it done by Marañon?

Do it yourself ?
Grab your toolbox, the drill and you know you’ll be enjoying your hammock in no time! Do you need help hanging? Our professionals are happy to lend a hand or offer advice.