Baby Hammock Guanabana #6


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Overall length: 155 cm
Width: 100 cm
Material: 100% cotton
Made in: Colombia
Carrying capacity: 40 kg


Are you looking for a unique maternity gift? These beautiful Colombian hand-woven hammocks are dyed with natural plant ingredients in the special Ikat weaving technique. Each cotton thread is dyed in 2 or more colors. Because the paint is boiled, the hammock can be washed at 60C. The colors are colourfast. The hammock is nice and wide, so over time the baby can also be placed diagonally in it, so that the back is straight and the baby can look around. Shortly after birth, however, the baby must be placed in it lengthwise, so that there is some protection against too bright light and the back is not completely stretched. Always put a blanket under the baby, because a hammock does not retain heat. Absolutely NO MATTRESS IN THE HAMMOCK, because the baby can roll off and the hammock loses its function, namely keeping the baby nice and stable in place.




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